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What are people saying about us?
  • The staff at Precision Resources went above and beyond in helping me find not only a great job in the IT field, but a job that will fundamentally change the direction of my entire career. I cannot thank them enough for the opportunities that they have presented me.

    Support Analyst
  • When I relocated to the job site and required housing, the Account Manager, immediately offered his apartment for myself until I could secure a residence. That floored me because I have never experienced a recruiting firm that would stick its neck out like that for a new hire. When that was not feasible due to my family situation, the Recruiting Manager, used his OWN credit card to secure me a hotel close to the job site. He did this over Memorial Day weekend... when everyone else was spending time with their families, he was taking calls and making calls in order to get me set up in a new city. They have made the transition into a new job as smooth as could possibly be by eliminating so many of the stresses associated with moving into a new city with no residence or immediate prospects for one. They assured me before I relocated to Birmingham that I would be taken care of until the checks started, and they were not exaggerating one bit. I have heard that before, but this is the first time I have experienced that assurance being followed through with such dedication and acted upon with such perseverance. The bottom line is that when my contract ends, I will be exclusively using Precision Resources to help me find my next great opportunity. They are professional, responsible and have greatly exceeded my expectations of a consulting firm. Everyone with whom I have spoken or met has been considerate and understanding and always quick to offer help if they see it is needed. I could not have asked for a better experience than I have gotten with Precision Resources! If you want to work for a firm that does whatever is needed to make the perfect fit between client and consultant a reality, I cannot recommend strongly enough that you contact Precision Resources and see how they can improve your career!

    Senior Perl Developer
  • I have known Marc Surcouf for many years. I began using his contracting services while, being the Director of I.T., for many years at a local law firm. I could always rely on Marc and Precision Resources to provide me with the utmost quality professionals. In the busy world of information technology people do not have time to go through meaningless interviews. Everyone I obtained through Marc, I contracted to perm. He always has the right fit and goes the extra mile to find that fit. For the past couple of years I've been able to use Marc's services to not locate new hires for me, but to help me with find a new career when my company went through layoffs. He always keeps me in mind and helped me land the position I've always really looking to find. You can't go wrong with Precision Resources!! They are the BEST.

    Project Manager
  • I want to let you know how much I really appreciated Precision Resources helping me find my job. I have never had anyone help me find a position as quick as they did. I was so impressed that they accompanied me through the interview process and I feel that it made a difference on me being selected, it was great! You are truly professional - The Best!

    Helpdesk Analyst
  • When I first moved to Birmingham after being laid off in Atlanta, I very skeptical about the quality and type of IT jobs I would be able to find. Moving to Birmingham , AL and becoming part of the of the Precision Resources team is one of the best decisions I have made in my entire life. You guys exceeded any possible expectations I could have ever had. How many people can say they have a job with great people, great pay, doing what they love? I can!!!!! I would have never imagined that I would be able to obtain this level of success outside of a large city like Atlanta. The only words I can truly say is, thank you!!!!

    Network Administrator
  • Thank you Precision Resources for finding me a job I enjoy. Precision Resources made the entire job-hunting process smooth and stress free. Having worked for other contracting companies in the past, Precision Resources was truly a fresh surprise. They had my interests and needs at the top of their list. Marc Surcouf closely reviewed my background and experience and located a position that would best suite my abilities. Marc walked me through my interview process and took the time to get to know me. This much attention to a contractor was refreshing. I could not be happier with the results.

    Quality Assurance Analyst
  • I was working in a dead end career of IT while contracting with several companies that did not want to pay their employees what they needed or to have the right tools to do the job. The staff worked hard and found me a company that takes care of its employees. I will be forever grateful for what Precision Resources was able to do for me.

    Desktop Support Analyst
  • I wanted to thank Precision Resources!!! Precision Resources worked extremely hard to find the right fit for my job skills. When other recruiters just sat on my resume, the staff actively marketed my skills to prospective employers. They pursued opportunities that came open with the right aggressiveness to land me a position worthy of my skills. Marc worked with me on my interviewing skills to ensure I hit a home run during the interview. This extra effort paid off, as I landed in a dream position with a great company. Without Precision Resources, I would have taken a position that may not have used all of my skills to the fullest. I really appreciate all the time and effort that they spent in helping me find the “right fit.” Job well done and thank you!

    Quality Assurance Manager
  • I spoke with the guys at Precision Resources for the first time on the telephone, I had no idea what to expect. I had many different recruiters approach me about different career opportunities, but Precision Resources impressed me so much with their professional demeanor, their honesty, as well as their hard work and dedication. If I sent an e-mail with a question, I knew that I would get an accurate and prompt response. If I left a voicemail, I knew I would get a call back as soon as possible. When they that they will do something, you know that they do. I felt like a valued candidate, and I can not begin to thank Precision enough for his kindness, commitment, and reliability. Anyone that has the opportunity to work with Precision Resources in reference to career opportunities is in for a wonderful treat!

    Business Analyst
  • Precision Resources helped me to secure a job that I truly enjoy. I had been actively searching for a job in the Birmingham area for over six months but due to recent changes in the local market, I had no success in finding employment. Marc contacted me and took the time to assess my needs, level of experience, skill set and career goals. After our meeting, the staff immediately went into action and placed me in a role that fits me perfectly. I commend Marc and Precision Resources for the integrity and professionalism that they exemplified throughout this process. I am now doing very fulfilling work in a great work environment.

    Quality Assurance Analyst
  • Thank you Precision Resources for finding me a job I enjoy. Precision Resources made the entire job-hunting process smooth and stress free. Having worked for other contracting companies in the past, Precision Resources was truly a fresh surprise. They had my interests and needs at the top of their list.

    Quality Assurance Analyst
  • In a word; well I can’t. There aren’t enough words to being to describe the incredible work Marc Surcouf and Precision Resources have done for me. Unlike many other agencies I have worked for, Precision Resources was very straightforward and told me exactly what the deal was. I told them what I was looking for and they never gave me false hopes and promises. In short I was tired of consulting and wanted a permanent job. I told Marc this, and the staff got to work right away. They did place me in a few temp positions but unlike many before them I was not told the, “this is a temp-to perm contract” line. They were upfront and explained to me what they were, and that it would be something to tie me over till they could find a place suitable for me and my skills. Well I commend Precision Resources for doing the impossible. I was told, here’s a short-term contract but they are looking [to hire], this is a for sure a temp-to-perm. If you can prove yourself and you have what they need you’ll be in. As I said before they never steered me wrong and never gave me false hopes. And you know what? I now work for a terrific company that I’m very happy with and they are happy with me. Marc has given me my dream job where others have lied, cheated, and ultimately failed. Precision Resources has helped me out on a level I never have seen. Always was after my best interested and put me before themselves. As such I highly recommend Marc and Precision Resources to all my technical friends out here, for contracts and full time employment the same.

    Network Analyst
  • What a great experience it has been to work with Precision Resources! It was not about just finding a was about finding the right position and fit for me AND the companies represented. My skill sets were assessed, my preferences for environment, responsibilities, and location noted, and the need for confidentiality and discretion respected. From start to finish, communication was unbelievable! Tiffany and the staff were never more than a phone call or e-mail away, and went out of their way to keep me informed and keep me encouraged in the process. Thanks Precision Resources for being the best!

  • Many thanks to Marc Surcouf and the staff at Precision Resources for their professionalism and guidance. Marc contacted me with a great opportunity and provided invaluable advice on how to manage the interview process to ensure I made the best possible impression. As a result, what started out as an interview for a short-term contract turned into an offer for a permanent position near the top of the salary range for the position. I can honestly give Precision Resources my highest recommendation.

    Project Manager
  • The staff helped place me in a great job to better myself in my career field. With the position they found me, I have opportunities to be promoted from within the company I work for now, and that was exactly what I was looking for. I had looked for this position for over four months, but they found it for me quicker than I ever could. Thanks staff for all your hard work!

    Network Analyst