Precision Resources prides itself in being able to meet client needs with qualified professionals in a timely manner. We can submit several qualified candidates within 24-48 hours.
We have developed a 6 step process to thoroughly screen the candidate’s technical abilities and business knowledge, as well as his or her professionalism, communication skills, and interpersonal skills.
  • Phone screening
  • Personal Interview
  • Detail Job History Verification
  • Technical Evaluation
  • Reference Checks
  • Background checks, and drug testing upon client request
Absolutely Not. Precision Resources has developed strategic alliances with several organizations throughout the country that share a standard service model to guarantee that you will experience the same level of Precision Resources’ quality and reliability. We guarantee it!
Flexibility: It is insurmountable in today’s market and the benefits of hiring employees on a contract versus permanent basis are increasing. Precision Resources understands the needs for direct hires as well; therefore, we offer both to make you, the client, happy. Focus: It is key to our proven success. Because of our pinpoint focus and strong presence in the Information Technology marketplace, Precision Resources attracts and secures the top talent in the industry. We offer strong retention programs, and a variety of benefits.
Precision Resources makes billing an ease. Because we handle all billing and payroll functions internally, we are able to generate invoices that accommodate our customers’ individual requirements. Invoices can be generated by department or for the entire company on a weekly basis and are net due upon receipt. Additionally, multiple employees may be combined on one invoice or billed separately. If your company has specific needs that do not fit within our standard billing process, Precision Resources will try to accommodate those.needs.